The Water Law Review staff is excited to announce that petitioners in the Agua Caliente case cited our journal in their Petition for Writ of Certiorari to the U.S. Supreme Court. Petitioners, Coachella Valley Water District, cited WLR‘s own Dale Ratliff and his article, A Proper Seat at the Table: Affirming a Broad Winters Right to Groundwater, 19 U. Denv. Water L. Rev. 239 (2016). Congratulations, Dale!

The Water Law Review is proud to announce the elected Editorial Board for Volume 21!

Editor-in-Chief — Sarah Rice
Managing Editors — Vann Ellerbruch & Stephen Klein
Business Editor — Kole Kelley
Online Content Editor — Josh Boissevain
Production Editor — Josh Oden
Sources Editor — Connor Pace
Symposium Editor — Lindsey Ratcliff
Legislative Reports Editor — N. Rioux Jordan
Article Editors — Tucker Allen, Erica Montague, Dalton Kelley,
Trevor Lambirth, and Travis Parker
Court Report Editors — Maggie Casey & Tina Xu
Editorial Board Elect — Rebecca Spence

The Water Law Review would like to congratulate our six new Staff Editors for their hard work in completing a successful Spring 2017 Candidacy packet.

Welcome to the Water Law Review!

Kristina Ellis
Michael Larrick
Kathryn Mailliard
Megan McCulloch
Christopher McMichael
Alexandra Tressler

Spring 2017 Water Law Review Candidacy

The Spring 2017 Water Law Review Candidacy Packet is now available.

Candidacy packets must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, January 29.

The packet may only be accessed from TWEN during the candidacy period.

Completed packets will also be submitted via TWEN. To access the packet, please add the course “WLR Candidacy”.

For more information, contact:

Editor in Chief Blaine Bengtson at

The Water Law Review would like to congratulate our new Staff Editors for their excellent work on the Fall 2016 Candidacy Packet.  Welcome to the Water Law Review!

Gia Austin
Margaret Casey
Jeremy Frankel
Alicia Garcia
Kelsey Holder
Ryan Hull
Nathaniel Rioux Jordan
Dalton Kelley
Kole Kelley
Trevor Lambirth
Erica Montague
Travis Parker
Lindsay A. Ratcliff
Gracen Short
Rebecca Spence
Tina Xu